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Surface Boxes

Our range of surface boxes includes BS 5834-2 Grade A and Grade B products, alongside D400 Fire Hydrant covers and surface boxes.

Wrekin surface box

castings sold every year.


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Surface box classifications

Understand the different requirements of surface box loading classifications.

Grade A

Surface boxes suitable for use in carriageways carrying fast-moving commercial vehicles with wheel loads up to 5 tonnes.

Grade B

Capable of bearing wheel loads up to 5 tonnes, designed for use in areas to which vehicles would have occasional access.


Covers and gratings capable of withstanding a 400kN test load.

Tristar Grade B Surface Box

Finding your outside stop tap valve

Your outside stop tap valve is usually located under a cover on the path or the road. If it's not here, it can also be:

  • In the same area as your water meter
  • At the end of your road (this is common in older houses where a supply is shared with neighbours

You shouldn't rely on your outside stop valve to turn the water off inside your home. Using your inside stop valve is the quickest and easiest way to do this.