ClickLift™: The first product to be adopted by Anglian Water for Housing Developments


WREKIN PRODUCTS has recently become fully approved by Anglian Water for its innovative ClickLift™ system – meaning the patented product is now fully approved for groundworker use on housing developments within the Anglian Water network.

Anglian Water is one of the first water authorities to fully adopt Wrekin Products new innovative ClickLift™ system – meaning the patented product is now fully approved for groundworker use on housing developments.

The ClickLift™ BSi Kitemarked system provides a rapid solution to raising Wrekin’s Highway and TriStar frames, eliminating the time and resources required to dig out and reinstall frames to suit the final road surface layer once a housing development has completed.

After successful trials at the Orchard Croft and Chamberlains Barn Quarry housing developments in Diss, Norfolk, and Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, respectively, Anglian Water has approved the ClickLift™ system for contractors to use on developer services.

Jon Speck, senior contracts manager – commercial, housing and highways, said: “We are delighted that our ClickLift solution has been recognised by Anglian Water. We understand the problems housebuilders and groundworkers face daily and manhole cover reinstallation – with its associated disruption, damage and cost – has a massive impact on the industry.

“Commonly, manhole covers are installed in the early stages of a housing development, well before the final tarmac is laid. This either means that the manhole cover is installed proud of the binding layer – leaving it susceptible to construction traffic damage – or if installed level with the binding layer, must be entirely dug out and effectively installed again. Both scenarios mean additional costs and potential complications.

“ClickLift™ raises Wrekin Highway and TriStar frames to suit the final surface layer without the need for digging out and re-installing. The cover and the frame are installed at the binding layer level, thereby reducing the possibility of site damage and then, when the finish surface layer is being applied, the manhole cover can be raised with the ClickLift™ frame extender simply and quickly.

“It’s been more than two years since we first presented ClickLift™ to the team at Anglian Water, and since then, we’ve undertaken two in-depth and varying trials to ensure the product meets the requirements and expectations of Anglian Water. We’ve always known the benefits that ClickLift™ would have for contractors, housebuilders and utility companies alike, and are incredibly proud these attributes have been recognised by Anglian Water.”

The first trial took place at a Redrow Homes development in Leighton Buzzard, where the Wrekin Highway cover was trialled with ClickLift™ on polyester resin bedding mortar. A second trial was subsequently undertaken at an Orchard Croft development in Diss to test the product combination in a different way, with sand and cement rather than polyester resin bedding mortar, on 32 Highway covers with ClickLift™.

Adam Moody, contracts manager at NRI Civils who worked on the Redrow Homes development, said: “I was delighted with the ease and simplicity with which ClickLift™ can be installed on site. The time, cost and disruption saved by this innovative solution will prove to be a great advantage to our groundworks team on all of our projects from now on.”

Steve Allen, adoptions manager for the Orchard Croft development, said: “When we were approached to trial Wrekin’s new ClickLift™ product we were incredibly optimistic, and we haven’t been disappointed. The overall product has proved so beneficial to overall timescales and there are so many benefits – such as only requiring one operative, no working in confined spaces and the benefits for homeowners as well.”

ClickLift™ is available with four fixed incremental depths – 30/40/50/60mm – for two clear openings – 600/675mm.

Jon said: “It’s understandable that housebuilders are looking for quick but effective solutions to the raising of manhole covers as, when they are lifted, people have already moved into their new homes. It’s important to negate the need for road closures and minimise noise pollution in order to avoid potential complaints. By receiving this approval, we’re able to offer that immediate reassurance that ClickLift™ is recognised by Anglian Water and offers the answer to problems that have, historically, been recurring ones for developers.

“We understand the problems that housebuilders and groundworkers face daily and creatively solving these issues is what Wrekin does best. We’re already in conversations with a number of other water authorities with regards to adding ClickLift™ to their list of approved products and are looking forward to continuing to support those working on housing developments across the country.”