D400 Kerb Unit

Wrekin H2Go™ is a BS EN124 D400 & BS7903 combined kerb and drainage unit intended for site fitment onto a Wrekin Gully Chute Connector unit used in a Group 3 location.

The H2Go™ itself comprises of a main body with BS EN 1340 half batter profile, a stainless steel turn-buckle lock (operated by the use of a dedicated key), a reversibleside-hinged lid and an adjustable road retaining bar.

The H2Go™ assembly allows inspection, cleaning and rodding access via its hinged top lid.

The H2Go’s inspection cover is supplied captive hinged to prevent theft and its dedicated cover key is used to lock and unlock the stainless steel locking bolt and open the cover. The same key also incorporates a BS7903 heavy duty lifting key profile which can be mechanically engaged in one of the two balanced safety-lifting-points within the flange, for safe and secure placement by operators.

An integral road retaining bar provides site-adjustable formwork to prevent road material extruding into the gully cavity during surfacing and contemporary anti-debris bars inhibit unwanted waste entering the drain in use.

Fitment to gully chute connector – The unit’s plan profile is designed to work with Wrekin’s standard Gully Chute Connector unit ensuring effective load support around its perimeter.

Integrally-formed kerb cutting marks indicate common locations for on-site cutting-adjustment to accommodate abutment of the common UK kerb thicknesses. Side apertures are provided for use as drainage points when adjoining combined kerb and drainage units.

Sizes and availability

Wrekin product
Clear opening size
CxD (mm)
Base opening size
FxG (mm)
Over frame size
AxB (mm)
Frame depth
E (mm)
Side Outlet
H⌀ (mm)
DGK115/HB/KG 440 x 305 530 x 370 645 x 445 150 105
  • Available options:

    • Enhanced Anti-slip Coating
    • Ventilation Holes
    • Gully Chute Connector

    Available Accessories:

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  • Datasheet Download:

    Kerb Unit D400 H2Go™

    2MB | Version 11 | PDF format

  • Installation Guide:

    H2Go and Gully Chute Installation Guide

    1.7 MB | Version 2 | PDF format