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We lift the lid on 2023 successes

Lifting the lid on 2023 successes 

We have enjoyed a hugely successful year despite the challenging construction environment, selling more than 550,000 iron products, releasing two new geosynthetics products and launching a new steel installation service.

Raising almost 40,000 quotes, extending or securing work on four major frameworks, and raised more than £1,000 for various charities this year.

As always, if you’d like to get in touch to discuss anything further, feel free to give us a call on 01543 440 440 or email us using sales@wrekinproducts.com.

5 1/2 deeper than the mariana trench
Did you know

Longer than the mariana trench

If stacked in a line, the access covers sold by us in 2023 would reach the depth of the Mariana Trench – five and a half times over

Geocomposite roll

Geosynthetics Update

Three new starters and a senior promotion has seen Wrekin’s geosynthetics division become the one to watch. The extra investment saw the launch of new geosynthetic clay liners and composite geogrid – as well as a streamlining of the existing product ranges to further and better supply merchants, all resulting in a record year for the team.

Did you know

30 times bigger than Buckingham Palace

If you rolled out all of the biaxial geogrids we sold in 2023 it would cover an area 30 TIMES the size of Buckingham Palace!

Almost 40,000quotes raised
Over 550,000 iron products sold

Simon Turner, commercial director at Wrekin Products, said: “In almost all measures of business we’re seeing year on year growth across iron, steel and geosynthetics. We’ve been hard at work this year streamlining and optimising our offering so that our high-quality products that we’re known for are even more useful and accessible to our customers. From Belfast to Great Yarmouth our solutions have been making their desired impact.

This continues our design and operational aim to make every day better. Our innovations have led the civil engineering sector this year and we will continue to do so as we trailblaze into 2024.

Simon Turner

Commercial Director, Wrekin Products Ltd.

White paper

White Paper

Additionally, we have launched our first white paper this year titled Potholes: More Than a Surface Issue, which was produced in collaboration with multiple local authorities and Gaist to investigate the correlation between potholes and substandard ironwork and installation.

Simon continued: “Developing the whitepaper was a new adventure for us with the aim of utilising our expertise and sharing our industry knowledge to benefit our business partners. Though we understand the importance of high quality ironwork and installation, it was a creative and thought-provoking way of shining a light on issues like this, and is something we may look at doing more of in the future in relation to challenges faced by the construction and civil engineering industries.

“Ultimately, the hard work of the team across the business has put us on an excellent footing to start the new year moving from strength to strength. I’m incredibly proud and grateful for all of their perseverance, diligence, and passion.”

Did you know

3 and a half elephants

Over the course of 2023, our warehouse team, on average, have picked 22.8 tonnes each day. That equates to 3 and a half elephants! 
A fantastic showing by our dedicated warehouse team.