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Access cover being installed

Ductile iron product symbols

Icon list

Icon Description
Secure the frame using anchor bolts or cement
Birthday cake
Celebrating Wrekin's 40th birthday anniversary
Direction of lock switch
The direction of the lock switch
Traffic direction
Direction in which vehicles should travel in relation to the cover
Drill point
Drill point
Electric shock
Danger of electric shock
Eye bolt location
An eye bolt can be used here to hoist the frame
Knock out material as required
Mechanical lift hook point
Indicates the indexed corner
Product carries the BSI Kitemark (see product frame for further details)
Lifting key point
Lifting key point
Open or close the lock in steps
Open or close the lock in steps
Loss Prevention Certification Board certified
Mortar hole
Place mortar through the hole in the frame
Locking bolts can be added
Locking bolts can be added
Do not stand
Do not stand here
Close the lock
Polypropylene recycling
Ecology symbol for polypropylene recycling
Prising point
The frame can be prised from this location
Recycling symbol
The parts can be recycled
Screwlift install point
Screwlift can be installed from this location
Slide out
Slide out cover direction
Traffic arrow
Direction of traffic in relation to the product
Lock switch direction
Direction of the lock switch
Open the lock
Heavy product


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