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Manhole cover range comparison chart

Manhole range comparison chart

Manhole cover features Tristar Highway Unite
CD 534 v0.1.0 compliant
BSI Kitemarked to BS EN 124:2015
Safety keyway
Ensures lifting keys are held captive in the keyway during the lifting process, prevents accidental drops 
BS 7903 flange gussets
Increases frame rigidity and reduce vibration transfer, extending the life of the installation
Low wear seats
The cover and frame are designed to reduce seating wear, increasing installation life
Asset identification badge
A location on the cover is available to retrofit an identification badge
Simple and safe frame manoeuvring
The frame has lifting key points to enable simple and safe manoeuvring on site
Hinged rectangular covers in range (safety stop hinge)
Hinge and lift out (Halohinge) covers, allowing covers to hinge open to 100° and be secured in place, prevent covers from falling, once opened, but can also be lifted out with standard lifting keys from a closed position
Anti-flex covers
Prevents the causes of cover seating wear, eliminating excessive noise and catastrophic failure
Mortar sympathetic frame features
Improves the bedding mortar adhesion to the frame, reducing lateral shift and mortar breakdown
70+ PSRV
Tested and proven to achieve in excess of 70+ PSRV (Polished Slip/Skid Resistance Value) at the top surface of the chequer, by UKAS accredited third party
Options / Accessories

Safety grille
Our factory-fitted safety grilles prevent accidental chamber falls and can be fitted with signage

Screwlift compatible
Compatible with our Screwlift height adjustment system

Gritblocker compatible
Keyway insert that prevents the keyway from becoming blocked with dirt and debris (included as standard on all Unite products)

Flood and odour control (factory fitted)
A flood and odour control plate can be factory fitted on request

Retrofittable seal plate (to leakage class 1, 2 or 3)
Simple to install on-site and can be drilled to provide low leak performance

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