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Tristar D400 3 flange gully grate 430mm x 370mm clear opening with 100mm frame depth

Stock code Range Clear opening
Base opening
Overall frame
Frame depth
Waterway area
Options My Wrekin
DGH0D4/4337/KT Tristar 430 x 370 455 x 390 580 x 465 100 1,050
  • Captive hinges reduce theft risk whilst allowing easy lifting.

    Captive hinges



General information

Stock code
Primary material
Ductile iron
Gully grate

Standards, classes and groupings

BS EN 124-2
CD 526 (formerly HA 102/17)
CD 534 (formerly HA 104/09)
BS EN 124 Class
BS EN 124 Group
Third party certified
CD 526 hydraulic capacity


Frame shape
Manhole shape
Overall frame (A x B)

580 mm x 465 mm

Clear opening (C x D)

430 mm x 370 mm

Frame depth (E)
Base opening (F x G)

455 mm x 390 mm

Waterway area

Available options


Stock code Description My Wrekin
PC/UNIFORM/151076 Uniform chamber adjustment unit 760mm x 100mm x 15mm
PC/UNIFORM/251076 Uniform chamber adjustment unit 760mm x 100mm x 25mm
PC/UNIWEDGE/755012 Uniform support wedge 120mm x 50mm x 75mm
YPCR/U12.5 12.5Kg Unipak® rapid curing polyester resin mortar
YPCR/U25 25Kg Unipak® rapid curing polyester resin mortar
ARMGSHELL/4337 Armadillo gully grate protector shell 645mm x 490mm


  • The wedge seated frame has been designed to suit all existing gully pot styles and will sit over a typical Ø 450mm circular or horseshoe chamber opening. The frame flange has reduced apertures as a mortar guard to stop backfill material from entering the chamber.
  • The use of Armadillo is recommended where exposure to construction site traffic is likely. 
  • The D400 load capability of these Group 3 products also offers the benefit of making them suitable for exposure to Group 4 traffic types. Where 3-flange D400 Gully Grate assemblies are employed, we recommend that they are installed against a kerb, not in an open highway location. All values stated are nominal within 2.5% tolerance.

The Sea Starts Here

We've taken a notable step in environmental advocacy by updating our most popular Tristar gully gratings to include the phrase "The Sea Starts Here". This initiative aims to highlight the critical issue of water pollution among communities and the wider industry. The message serves as a poignant reminder that our actions on land reverberate through to our oceans, urging us to consider how we dispose of waste and the long-term effects on marine ecosystems. Find out more.

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