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The sea starts here - A bold step for environmental consciousness

A bold step for environmental consciousness

Have you ever considered where the waste that slips through our street gullies ends up? It's a question we want to bring attention to with a critical message that is being included on our most popular Tristar gully gratings. We aim to raise awareness of how simple actions can have an environmental impact, without altering the trusted performance of our products.

A bold step for environmental consciousness

The Sea Starts Here message on a Tristar gully grating

In collaboration with a long-standing house building client, we've taken a notable step in environmental advocacy by updating our most popular Tristar gully gratings to include the phrase "The Sea Starts Here". This initiative aims to highlight the critical issue of water pollution among communities and the wider industry. The message serves as a poignant reminder that our actions on land reverberate through to our oceans, urging us to consider how we dispose of waste and the long-term effects on marine ecosystems.

Unchanged excellence in performance

It's crucial to note that this addition is purely a message of awareness; the quality and functionality of the Tristar gully gratings remain unaltered. These gratings have been steadfast in performance, offering durability and reliability that clients have come to expect from Wrekin Products.

A Product with an even greater purpose

The Tristar gully gratings are not just a testament to our engineering expertise but now also a beacon of environmental mindfulness. By incorporating this message, displayed in vibrant blue, Wrekin Products is leveraging its industry presence to foster a more sustainable future. This slogan aims to highlight the important role of gullies in reducing pollution, including silt, litter, and other substances, and raise awareness about the interconnectedness of local water systems within the larger ecosystem.

Collaborative efforts for a cleaner environment

This initiative is part of a broader movement, where businesses and communities come together to tackle pollution. Collaborating on 'The Sea Starts Here' awareness campaign is the first step for Wrekin, as we aim to develop the pollution and litter-free message through school visits and beach clean-ups as part of our social activity. When we see "The Sea Starts Here" on our streets, it's a collective reminder of our shared responsibility towards the planet.

Engagement with community

As we journey through this narrative, it's essential to reflect on the small changes we can make in our daily lives that contribute to a cleaner environment. Wrekin hopes that local communities and housebuilders will embrace the message, taking action to prevent the pollution of our waterways - and instigating long-term change.

The Sea Starts Here

The sea starts here message in blue as appearing on Tristar 450 square gully gratings

Wrekin Products' Tristar gully gratings with the "The Sea Starts Here" message is a shining example of how industry can play a crucial role in environmental stewardship without compromising on product integrity. It's a call to action for all of us to be mindful of our environment, starting with the very streets we walk on.

We will have more to say on this important topic soon. For any queries, please get in touch at

Products including The Sea Starts Here message

Stock code Range Clear opening
Base opening
Overall frame
Frame depth
Waterway area
Options My Wrekin
DGH0D3/4545/KT Tristar 430 x 430 450 x 450 575 x 520 75 1,250
DGH0D4/4545/KT Tristar 430 x 430 450 x 450 575 x 520 100 1,250
DGH0D6/4545/KT Tristar 430 x 430 450 x 450 575 x 520 150 1,250


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