Bedding mortar awarded Highways Authorities approval

Wrekin Products has been awarded HAPAS (Highways Authorities Product Approval Scheme) approval and certification from the British Board of Agrément (BBA) for its Unipak carriageway ironwork bedding mortar.

BBA HAPAS was established to provide a nationally recognised approval scheme for innovative products and systems used in highway works and means that civil engineers can use products that they know have been tested rigorously to prove they meet the standards required for use on highways.

The certification for the products which achieve HAPAS approval provides valuable information about performance, technical specification, design and installation.

UniPak is a fast-setting two-part polyester resin mortar which overcomes the limitations of cement-based mortars, particularly in relation to high traffic loads and challenging weather conditions as well as when trafficked too early following premature road reopening.

Strength and speed

One of the key factors assessed for the BBA certification was the strength attained by the product and the speed in which it is achieved. Customers have also praised these qualities after using Unipak.

WRc research has shown that up to 89% of ironwork failures have suffered foundation issues and that in 44% of cases, foundation issues are the sole cause of failure, underlining the fact that using a product such as Unipak will help significantly reduce repairs and the cost and disruption in which they result.

Commenting on the BBA achievement, Wrekin Products Technical Director Si Gibson says: “We developed UniPak mortar as a unique high-build bedding compound to solve bedding issues and we are very pleased to have had its performance third party verified by the industry leading test authority under their HAPAS scheme.

“Highways engineers and procurement managers can specify Unipak, assured that it will exceed all required standards.”