Cost-effective and convenient new gully grate

Wrekin Products, manufacturer of intelligent products for civil engineering, has launched a cost-effective gully grate that delivers the best convenience for its price band.

The Tri-Star gully grate has been developed to deliver a cost effective solution for common drainage environments. Crucially, Wrekin has brought its engineering expertise to eliminate problems with other gully grate products in the market, while still meeting the requirements of BS EN124 and D400 loading.

“The Tri-Star gully grate fits nearly all common gully sizes so is great to stock and specify via builders’ merchants nationwide. It therefore meets the needs of a variety of customers – including developers, house builders and highway specifiers,”
Simon Turner, Sales Director
With enhanced stability through the use of compound wedged seating and a 430×370 frame that fits onto all 450mm round or horse shoe gully pots, the new gully reduces the costs and inconvenience associated with gully grate installation. Enhanced design features include a wedge shape seating giving non-rock stability. The design of the Tri-Star also helps prevent mortar falling through the flange, a common problem with other 430×370 designs available on the market.

Kite-marked to BS EN124, the Tri-Star gully grate can be installed in Group 3 locations up to D400 loading. This allows their use on carriageways trafficked by heavy goods vehicles and the Tri-Star gully is available locked or unlocked to suit specific customer requirements.

More information: Tri-Star gully grates