E’GRID 3030L Track Ballast Geogrid in stock

Network Rail approved

Network Rail approved E’GRID 3030L Biaxial Geogrid from Wrekin Products is now available. E’GRID polypropylene biaxial geogrid features an optimised large aperture grid designed to reinforce the ballast on railway track beds.

“With full acceptance from Network Rail, E’GRID 3030L increases the choice for organisations specifying products. The builders’ merchant only policy is core to our business and were looking forward to working with customers to bring this innovative approved product to the rail industry.”

Simon Turner, Wrekin Products Sales Director

E’GRID 3030L Biaxial Geogrid improves the stability of the railway ballast by adding reinforcement. Using E’GRID to reinforce track bed ballast or sub-ballast to reduce settlement and extends the time between subsequent maintenance.

E’GRID 3030L Biaxial Geogrid has been awarded a Certificate of Full Acceptance from Network Rail. It is available to buy through builders’ merchants in line with Wrekin Products’ merchant only policy and carries a CE mark.

The high tensile strength design of E’GRID 3030L Biaxial Geogrid utilises square grid technology proven over many years in construction and highway projects. E’GRID provides omni-axial reinforcement in areas of weak or variable soils and substrates. The high-strength polymer grid interlocks with the ballast or stone, confining the material to improve load dispersal and limit lateral movement under load.

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Wrekin Products E’GRID 3030L geogrid

Wrekin E’GRID Biaxial 3030L Geogrids

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Wrekin E’GRID Biaxial 3030L Geogrids