Fastrack 609 is now even more intelligent

Talking with customers is an important part of our product development. Our discussions with trade counter teams and contractors often highlight ways to improve products. Some of these conversations were behind two new variations of the popular Fastrack 609 woven geotextile – a 4.5M wide van-sized roll and Fastrack Orange warning layer for hazardous areas.

How to get a 4.5M wide roll of Fastrack 609 woven geotextile into a Transit van

As one of the best selling general purpose geotextiles in the UK, Fastrack 609 provides a cost effective solution for separation and filtration. Now we’ve adapted the 4.5m width roll into an easily transportable van-sized version.

The 4.5 metre wide Fastrack 609 is a popular size used for separating layers under roads, car parks, industrial areas and stone foundations. But stocking and transporting a 4.5m roll can be a real problem. Direct to site deliveries are fine but if you operate smaller vans transporting such a wide roll can be a headache – either having to get it on and off a roof rack or resorting to trying to fold it into the back of the van.

Wrekin Products has come up with an intelligent solution to the problem. We have factory folded the 4.5m width geotextile to produce a roll just 2.25m wide. This fits easily into the back of a van making it ideal for smaller jobs. It’s also a really easy size to stock. Once on site, the roll is designed to unfold easily to its full 4.5m width.

New Fastrack Orange warning layer

Fastrack Orange is a high visibility version of Fastrack 609 to identify hazards.

Clearly marking buried hazards such as gas pipes and electrics is an issue when laying geotextiles. Fastrack Orange high visibility geotextile enables workers to identify areas of potential danger whilst carrying out ground works. It also alerts maintenance workers to the hazards below during future excavation and can make it easier to find buried services.

For more information on new Fastrack 609 van sized Roll and Fastrack Orange just call us on 01543 440 440.

Further information:

Wrekin Products Fastrack geotextile

Wrekin Fastrack SG 609

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Wrekin Fastrack SG 609

Wrekin Fastrack Orange

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Wrekin Fastrack Orange