Flying the kitemark

It is now a year since Wrekin Products became the first company to have all its ductile manhole covers and gully grates Kitemarked by the British Standards Institute to the new BS EN 124-2:2015.

Wrekin’s speed and success in securing third party certification confirmed its position as the industry leader. It was a real testament to Wrekin’s technical team to achieve the Kitemark for BS EN 124-2:2015 so quickly.

The 2015 version of the standard is a substantial revision to the original 1994 one, adding additional tests covering child safety and stability in the carriageway and is split into one general and five material specific parts. All conflicting national standards had to be withdrawn by March of this year (2017).

Wrekin has long been a technical leader in the field of highway ironwork and was heavily involved in helping to define BS EN 124-2:2015 – Barry Turner, Wrekin’s Technical Manager, was part of the British Standards Institute’s B/505/04 committee that helped frame the new standard.

Highway professionals should have now updated their specifications and Wrekin has the product range to help them do so, quickly and easily.