Innovation with geogrid expert Nigel Wrigley

At Wrekin Products we’re always developing intelligent products for civil engineering and to do that we invest in R&D. Eight years ago we started working with Geogrid expert Nigel Wrigley. Since then we’ve been able to bring the advanced E’GRID range of geogrids to our customers. Nigel Wrigley has been at the forefront of geogrid research and technology since geogrids were first developed back in 1979. In 2000 he started his own company, NewGrids, to build a global market using the geogrid technology, and today the company is involved in the manufacturing, development, testing and global distribution of E’GRIDs. He has also written many internationally published papers on geogrids.

The use of geogrids has increased dramatically in recent years. We estimate that currently around half of all suitable civil engineering projects use geogrids for the advantages they give.

This big increase in the use of geogrids isn’t surprising. Using Wrekin Products E’GRID reinforcement can reduce the use of stone fills by up to one third and there are the consequential reductions in associated transportation as well as excavation and waste disposal. Because of these benefits more engineers are seeing this as the preferred way to construct roads and other trafficked areas.

E’GRID works in conjunction with compacted fill. They are installed over soft ground and within the compacted granular fill. The high-strength polymer grids interlock with the stone fill to improve load dispersal by confining the fill. It is generally accepted that the best interlocking properties come from a combination of grid stiffness, grid rib height and the size of the grid apertures. The tall rib height and optimised aperture grid of E’GRID make it particularly effective. It’s great working with Nigel as he is constantly looking for new ways to develop the technology including improving the performance and the test data available to specifiers. With the increasing demands for E’GRIDS we’re expanding our support for specifiers and customers, appointing Eddie Emblen as National Geosynthetics Manager, plus new training facilities at our new head office in Lichfield.

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