Launch of dedicated Highway covers and gully grates

Wrekin Products, manufacturer of intelligent products for civil engineering, has launched a comprehensive new range of durable, user-friendly and easy to specify highway ironwork. Appropriately named ‘Highway’, the range includes manhole covers, gullies and ancillary products backed by Wrekin’s expertise, training and support.

Specifically created to exceed even the most demanding standards and guidelines from Highways England, the government body responsible for UK roads, the Highway ironwork range has been developed to be straightforward to select and therefore ideal for merchants to hold in stock.

“The feedback common to everybody was that ease-of-use is essential.

Our customers told us they need a range of quality ironwork that ticks every box – which takes the hassle away during specification, installation and maintenance.

Options of flood protection plates, cast application badging and cover locking across the range means all bases are covered.

As we’ve seen already from Aberdeen and other major schemes, the next decade will define the UK’s road system for generations to come.

The construction industry needs easy to specify carriageway ironwork that meets the most rigorous standards and our Highway range does the job.”

Simon Turner, Sales Director

Having conducted market research across the industry, Wrekin identified a universal theme: customers, whether civil engineers, highway specifiers, road contractors, local authorities or road maintenance teams, were tired of complex and confusing product ranges where it was difficult to confirm the right solution.

Designed and engineered to be smart, super-simple to specify, reliable in operation, available in all popular configurations and to satisfy even the most rigorous specification standards, including HA104/09, BS7903 and EN124, the Highway range represents a significant investment for the Lichfield-based company.

Benefitting from 30 years’ of manhole cover development, the Highway range complements Wrekin’s existing ironwork by providing clarity to roadbuilders as the UK prepares for major investment in highway infrastructure.

Wrekin Products’ mission to be the supplier of choice for large civil engineering projects has already received a boost; as soon as the first Highway products came off the production line they were dispatched for construction of the Aberdeen Bypass, the largest road project in the UK.

A broad range of sizes and depths as well as features such as super-stable double-triangle gully gratings, anti-theft and reversible hinges, lifting provisions and indexed covers on all manholes gives specifiers the chance to find exactly the right solution.

To ensure Highways England and local authorities can source products quickly and easily wherever they are, Wrekin serves the UK’s builders’ merchant network from central locations in England and Scotland.

In the type of complex highway project likely to dominate over the next few years, those involved in the construction supply chain need simple, durable and effective solutions, so that’s what we’ve delivered.