Love that tree, it will love you back

Tree root protectionIt seems too obvious to say that there’s a correlation between our wellbeing and the amount of greenspace in our neighbourhoods (The Guardian – Trees) but an online survey conducted in Toronto last year found the hard facts to back it up.

Answers from 31,109 Toronto residents combined with tree data and satellite imagery concluded that having an average of 10 more trees in a city block improved how a resident might rate their health. It found responses from residents with more trees nearby comparable to answers from those who had increased their income by $10,000, moved to a more affluent neighbourhood or were seven years younger.

This isn’t the only tree-related issue facing contractors and developers. Land premiums mean that constructing projects in close proximity to existing trees is common and risks damage to roots without protection; and there is legislation in place to preserve tree growth. In some cases, Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) are in effect, which can carry a hefty fine if trees are damaged or cut down.

With that in mind, contractors and developers can offer protection for existing trees on land marked for development with Wrekin Products’ ProtectaWeb™ Tree Root Protection System.

ProtectaWeb is a matrix that provides a stable ground to reduce the loads on soil and tree roots underneath. Its perforated cell walls offer good drainage to prevent water build-up and ensure that tree roots still have a good water and oxygen supply.

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