More merchant sales opportunities for geogrids

“The use of geogrids has increased dramatically in recent years. Geogrids are used where soil stabilisation is required including road and pavement construction. Geogrids can reduce stone fill by up to a third and can significantly cut excavation waste, and with it the associated reduction in transportation costs. We estimate that currently around half of all suitable civil engineering projects use geogrids for the advantages they give. We believe this will rise as there’s a lot of pressure to reduce costs and the environmental impact for projects.”
“Our geosynthetics team also offers a calculation service for builders’ merchants to calculate the best product to use for a specific application.”
Simon Turner, Sales Director
With rapidly growing demand for geogrids, Wrekin Products adds a geogrid comparison chart to make it easier for merchants to select the correct product.

E’GRID geogrids from Wrekin Products work in conjunction with compacted fill. They are installed over soft ground and within the compacted granular fill. The high-strength polymer grids interlock with the stone fill to improve load dispersal by confining the fill. It is generally accepted that the best interlocking properties come from a combination of grid stiffness, grid rib height and the size of the grid apertures. The tall rib height and optimised aperture grid of E’GRID make it particularly effective.

But there can be some confusion choosing the correct geogrid, especially when comparing triangular with square or rectangular grids. Wrekin Products has developed a comparison chart for builders’ merchants to choose the correct product when pricing like for like specifications.

Download the geogrid comparison chart

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E’GRID equivalents to Triax

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E’GRID equivalents to Triax