Network Rail approves E’GRID Geogrid

Wrekin Products, intelligent products for civil engineering, has been awarded Certificate of Full Acceptance number PA05/05826 by Network Rail for its E’GRID 3030L Biaxial Geogrid.

“We are pleased to have been awarded the Network Rail Full Acceptance Certificate. E’GRID Geogrid already has a proven track record in reinforcing the ground for construction and road building projects. This approval means organisations can now use E’GRID for rail projects as well, increasing their choice when specifying products.”
Simon Turner, Sales Director
The approved E’GRID 3030L polypropylene biaxial geogrid features a large aperture to reinforce the railway ballast layer. This reduces ballast settlement and extends the time between subsequent maintenance work following ballast renewal. The reinforcing element is a Specific Condition of Network Rail acceptance, which requires CE Marking in accordance with BS EN 13250 for reinforcement materials used in contact with ballast.

The high tensile strength design of Wrekin Products’ innovative E’GRID geogrid is widely recognised as an effective method of stabilising ballast or soil through reinforcement. The high-strength polymer grid interlocks with the ballast or stone, confining the material to improve load dispersal and limit lateral movement under load.

To receive the Certificate of Full Acceptance, E’GRID geogrid underwent a vigorous auditing process and Wrekin Products had to provide justification for the product by demonstrating monetary, safety and performance benefits to Network Rail. In general, only accepted products are allowed to be used on the rail infrastructure.

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Wrekin Products E’GRID 3030L geogrid

Wrekin E’GRID Biaxial 3030L Geogrids

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Wrekin E’GRID Biaxial 3030L Geogrids