The permanent solution to gully grate theft

New and replacement gully grates can now be fitted as anti-theft without compromising long term performance.

The new Wrekin Products D400 Anti-Theft Hinged Gully Grate provides an effective solution to the problem of gully grate theft whilst complying with BS EN 124 and the UK Highways Authority specification. Most captive hinge ductile iron gully grates rely on a one piece wedged/flat seating grate design that can deteriorate more quickly causing excessive wear and rocking.

The unique D400 Anti-Theft Hinged Gully Grate combines a captive hinge with double triangular seating to allow single unit opening with an anti-theft mechanism. The proven three-point suspension design is recognised as offering the best lifetime performance to reduce maintenance costs and the locking captive hinge cuts the risk of theft.

Gully grate theft is a serious problem and it was important to provide an anti-theft product that did not compromise lifetime performance. We designed the D400 Anti-Theft Hinged gully grate as a long term solution to the problem that will not increase future maintenance costs.

Suitable for use in a group 3 Class D400 carriageway environment, the ductile iron Anti-Theft Hinged Gully Grate also makes gully cleaning easier due to its patented articulated coupling. This links the two halves of the grate together enabling it to open as a single unit allowing full access to the gully below.

Another nice design feature on the gully grate is reversible hinging to correctly orientate the hinge to the traffic flow direction.