Unite Manhole Covers from Wrekin Products

The problem of road maintenance is so high on the agenda it now has its own awareness day. Now in its second year, National Potholes Day is endorsed by the RAC. The scheme has been a great success as a mouthpiece for drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists to complain about the number of potholes on UK roads.

Its importance is high to the Government. In December last year Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin announced £6 billion has been allocated to tackle the problem over six years.

But continuing to carry out maintenance without addressing the causes of failure has the effect of increasing future costs. This is an issue with manhole covers where premature failure is a significant contributory factor in road surface damage.

M25 case study with unite from Wrekin ProductsUsing products not up to the job has simply added to the problem over the years. Labour costs can be up to £1,000 to replace a manhole cover on a busy road, and there’s the inconvenience of traffic management or even road closure. With a reported 10 percent of standard manhole covers failing in their first year, it makes sense to use products proven to last longer.

By choosing Unite maintenance authorities can break the cycle of maintenance leading to long term cost savings. Find out more about Unite here
That’s where Wrekin Products comes in. It is 15 years since the first Unite manhole cover was installed with no reported failures to date. It was designed to overcome the problems that lead to the premature failure of standard manhole covers. Its innovative and technically superior design has been proven to substantially reduce the cost of manhole cover maintenance. That’s why it’s chosen by major utilities companies.

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