Wrekin Manager is new BSi Chair

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has confirmed that Barry Turner, Technical Manager for Wrekin Products, has been appointed as the new Chairman of its BS EN124 Standard Committee.

Barry brings with him extensive involvement in standards development. He was part of the BSi committees that helped revise the newly-published access cover and grating Standard BS EN124:2015 as well as Standards BS750, BS5834 and BS9124.

His many years of experience include a wide range of highway civils and precision engineering disciplines. He has previously studied and worked as a surveyor, product designer, quality manager and materials engineer.

Roles as a test engineer and defect investigation engineer have further developed Barry’s critical thinking and his ability to clearly explain what is needed has been proven by work as a technical author.

“… an aptitude towards promoting and improving the standard”

Perhaps his best-known acknowledgement is as designer of the UK’s class-leading Unite manhole covers – which are widely recognised as one of the most innovative and effective designs available.

In terms of selection for the Chairmanship, the ideal candidate must have demonstrated an aptitude towards promoting and improving the standard and is usually selected from a user or specifier group rather than a manufacturer group.

The function of BSi Standards Committee Chairs is to arrange UK meetings through a dedicated BSi Programme Manager for the standard for which they are responsible.   The committee Chaired by Barry looks after BS EN124, the parent Standard for “Gully Tops and manhole tops for vehicular and pedestrian areas”.

The Chair also may attend European Standards (CEN) meetings, to table the UK’s view on any aspects of the proposed contents.

Typically, BSi’s technical committees comprise representatives of industry bodies, research and testing organisations, local and central government, consumers and users of the standards.

Commenting on Barry’s achievement, Stan Turner, Managing Director at Wrekin Products, said: “We congratulate Barry on his appointment. It is testament to his outstanding knowledge and experience.

“The fact that Chairs usually come from a user or specifier group rather than, as is the case with Barry, from a manufacturer group, means in this respect alone, the appointment should be commended.”

“It also demonstrates the level of expertise that Wrekin Products can and does offer to our clients.”