Wrekin Products at the HAUC Roadshow

HAUC roadshow
We really enjoyed exhibiting at the West Midlands HAUC (Highways Authorities & Utilities Committee) Roadshow in September. It was great to meet up with engineers at the sharp end of highways maintenance. Most of the delegates we talked with were interested in new ways to reduce maintenance costs.

We found this was a hot topic throughout the event. We had many discussions with contractors and specifiers wanting information about how Unite manhole covers are cutting ongoing repair costs for highways and utility organisations. We talked about the extensive third party studies that demonstrate how improving the performance of the manhole cover reduces road surface breakdown around the manhole and prevents potholes from occurring.

The reason behind the interest from maintenance managers at the roadshow was clear. We heard how replacing manhole covers is now taking a bigger slice of maintenance budgets and this really brought home to us the scale of the problem.

Building on the success of Unite manhole covers we’re currently working with a number of organisations to tackle other issues around planned maintenance to ease the strain on budgets by reducing street ironwork failure. One of these is a trial to improve installation techniques using new bonding materials. Initial findings are encouraging and we’re hoping to release some interesting results over the next few months.

In the meantime we’re looking forward to the National HAUC (UK) Conference at the Brighton Centre on 30 September. More details here.