MultiGrate tackles the gully grate theft epidemic

Stolen and broken gully grates cause holes in the road. This is a serious problem for bodies responsible for roads and highways, made worse by the increasing theft of street ironwork. Wrekin Products was approached by several Councils to develop a cost effective solution and developed MultiGrate.

“We are constantly working to develop new ways of tackling problems within civil engineering. Stolen gully grates are a serious problem so we were pleased to work with highway maintenance authority crews to develop a cost effective solution. Multi-Grate provides a high quality, safe and fast temporary fix to keep roads open.”
Simon Turner, Sales Director
MultiGrate provides a high quality, safe and fast temporary fix to keep roads open until a permanent solution such Wrekin’s TriWay Anti-Theft Gully Grate can be installed.

An English County Council has reported over £25,000 of manhole covers and gully grates were stolen in the winter of 2012/13. This follows a survey by the Local Government Association in 2012 which found that the cost of these thefts to councils had risen 26 per cent from 2009/10 to 2010/11.

Responding to gully grate theft often means several visits for maintenance crews to complete the installation of a replacement grating, leading to increased disruption whilst traffic is diverted around the hole and increased costs.

photo (41)Multi-Grate is designed to be fitted immediately by a maintenance crew on the first visit. Its robust design forms a secure temporary grate. Multi-Grate is easily cut on site to fit the existing gully using standard tools. The one-size-fits-all design has built in cutting guidelines to ensure an accurate fit with at least 90% of inspected gratings. Multi-Grate is lightweight and can be stored as part of a crew’s standard road maintenance equipment. MultiGrate is non-toxic and importantly has no scrap value.

Once a permanent grate, such as Wrekin Products TriWay, has been fitted, MultiGrate can then be stored and reused, reducing waste and saving money.

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