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Bell Contracting finds perfect site solution in Armadillo range

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With projects involving months of heavy plant on site, Bell Contracting has historically found its ironwork being damaged or cracked during the construction phase. This problem was costing time, money, and materials to replace, so could not go on. Through our relationship and experience, supplying them with various access solutions, conversations led to our Armadillo range coming to the fore – the perfect hardhat for its ironwork.

We recommended trialing our Armadillo range of manhole cover protector shells, which provide heavy duty protection from loads up to 60 tonnes, so that covers and grates can be installed once and protected from damage.

Following the trial, an initial order of 200 cover protector shells was placed by Bell Contracting. Impressed with the results that revealed the ironwork remaining ‘as new’ upon protector plate removal, a further 200 units were ordered.

Opting for a bespoke finish instead of our standard version, Bell Contracting asked us to personalise the order so that each of the Armadillo shells featured its company logo. Armadillo is designed to be reused on future sites, so Bell Contracting can gain the benefit of this protection, keeping their prominent branding, again and again.

Dave Sanders, our head of technical sales who handled the project, said: “This was a clear case of our client needing something reliable and tough, and our experience and relationship meaning that we were well positioned to suggest a suitable solution. The Armadillo has blown them away, so much so that a phenomenal 400 units were ordered, which is our largest order to date.

KW Bell Armadillo 1

So, regularly repairing and replacing ironwork – a longstanding issue for Bell Contracting – is now a distant memory. We are really pleased with the outcome and how pleased the team at Bell is with our fantastic Armadillo range, which really is the ‘hard hat’ for ironwork!

Dave Sanders

Wrekin Products Ltd.

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