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The Galleria, on Comet Way in Hatfield, Hertfordshire

Saving time, money and worry on steelwork in Hatfield

  • Associated Asphalt

  • The Galleria, Hatfield

  • Bespoke Solution

Inadequate installation can leave even the best new steelwork falling short on essential safety requirements. After assessing a problematic job raising questions in Hatfield, our bespoke steel team rescued an opening by providing the end-to-end steel service needed.

Our fabrication and installation manager, Richard Lovatt, worked with contractor Associated Asphalt after it identified a problem with steelwork on Comet Way in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. With poor installation apparent and potential failure looming, it was clear that the covers designed for HGVs were not supported by the necessary beam work.

After producing a report on the state of the previous installation, we made our recommendations to rectify the problems. Our solution involved removal of the old covers, the design and manufacture of two new covers, and installation to ensure a safe and secure end result fit for the intended operation. This end-to-end service offered the client cost and time savings, as well as the peace of mind that the entire works were completed by an experienced steel team.

Following collaboration with the client, the final specification for the two new access covers included:

  • 2000 x 2000mm clear opening
  • Galvanised mild steel
  • Recessed for concrete or tarmac infill to match the surrounding road surface
  • Six-part covers
  • Four locking screws per lid with threaded lifting points for machine removal
  • 11.5 tonne slow moving wheel loading (SMWL)
Richard Lovatt

On site, we were able to demonstrate our technical skill and competence to assess the situation and offer the best solution. Importantly, our work also included installation, which was an important aspect of the job given the previous installation quality was not where it needed to be.

Richard Lovatt

Fabrication and installation manager, Wrekin Products Ltd.

There were serious safety consequences at risk of becoming reality if the existing covers were to fail again, so above all else, we are pleased that we can put these worries to bed.

“We confidently explained the causes of the initial problem, convincing the client of our ability to manufacture and install the steelwork needed. The experience and high-quality workmanship repeatedly displayed by our site team make this achievable time and time again.

“The client was so pleased with the end-to-end service that our support has been requested on more steelwork reinstatement jobs, meaning we are yet to truly make our mark on the area.”

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