MultiGrate – temporary gully grates

The smart and cost effective solution to temporary replacement of stolen and broken gully grates.

Wrekin Multigrate

Wrekin Products MultiGrate tackles the gully grate theft epidemic.

Wrekin MultigrateStolen gully grates are a serious problem for bodies responsible for roads and highways and Wrekin was approached by several Councils to develop a cost effective solution. Multi-Grate provides a high quality, safe and fast temporary fix to keep roads open until a permanent solution such our Anti-Theft Gully Grate can be installed.

An English County Council has reported over £25,000 of manhole covers and gully grates were stolen in the winter of 2012/13. This follows a survey by the Local Government Association in 2012 which found that the cost of these thefts to councils had risen 26 per cent from 2009/10 to 2010/11. To combat the problem Wrekin Products has launched MultiGrate, an instant temporary fix for hazardous open gullys and broken grates.

Responding to gully grate theft often means several visits for maintenance crews to complete the installation of a replacement cover, leading to increased traffic disruption and extra cost.

Wrekin MultigrateMultiGrate is designed to be fitted immediately by a maintenance crew on the first visit. Its robust design forms a secure temporary grate until a permanent replacement is installed. MultiGrate is easily cut on site to fit the exact size of the gully using standard tools.

Built-in cutting guidelines ensure an accurate fit with most inspected gratings. MultiGrate is lightweight and can be stored as part of a crew’s standard road maintenance equipment. MultiGrate is non-toxic and importantly has a low scrap value.

Key features

One grate fits all – found to be usable on 90% of all inspected gratings of all ages
Moulded lines on width, depth and height assist cutting
Quick installation by only cutting through bars/ribs
No hazardous fumes or particles when cutting
One stocked item solution so no depot stocking issues
No scrap value to thieves but grate is recyclable
Lightweight and easily handleable by one person – under 13kg per grating
High waterway at all defined sizes


MultiGrate installation
Minimum cutting size is 380x320mm for a Multigrate measuring 510x450mm in the uncut condition.

Download Wrekin MultiGrate brochure

Wrekin MultiGrate brochure

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Wrekin MultiGrate brochure

Multigrate data sheet

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Multigrate data sheet