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The Importance of F900 Load Class Manhole Covers in High-Demand Environments

16 April 2024
Barry Turner
Barry Turner

Technical Manager - Castings

Understanding the F900 Load Class

The British (& European) Standard BS EN 124 divides manhole covers into six load classes from A15 to F900. Each class has been assigned to harmonise with an appropriate service application ‘Group’ which itself takes into account the expected traffic types [and loads] using it. The F900 class is intended for situations where static and dynamic traffic loads are safely accommodated in a product designed to sustain a minimum of 900kN (c.90 Tonne) test load. F900 rated products are the sensible  option for areas exposed to  extremely heavy traffic and/or large industrial vehicles.  

Applications of F900 Load Class Manhole Covers

The durability of F900 manhole covers is vital in environments with frequent movement from heavy aircraft, container trucks and forklifts. For instance, airports with a constant flow of aircraft and service vehicles need pavements that can endure significant forces. F900 manhole covers provide safety and integrity for heavily trafficked taxiways, and runways.  Docks and container terminals can face similar demands and so are also logical environments for F900-grade products. 

The heavy weight of stacked containers and non-stop traffic of cranes and haulers logically also calls for manhole covers capable of sustaining such loads.  Additionally, specialised industrial complexes that regularly handle heavy machinery or materials also rely on the robustness of F900-class covers where the risk of manhole cover failure in these settings could lead to significant disruption, expensive downtime and/or dangerous accidents.

The Importance of High-Quality Access Covers

Due to the risks associated in F900-type applications, only the highest reliability and quality will suffice. Indeed, Top-quality access covers are built to withstand the weight and the repeated stress of heavy traffic. In view of this fact, they are manufactured to precise specifications, which is as crucial in urban areas as it is in industrial settings. 

We have a history of excellence in the field of high risk traffic environments so that our F900 manhole covers are built to surpass standards and to focus on durability and reliability. Our reputation for innovative design and service is something we are proud of and our technical expertise is evident in every product.

We also provide honest advice to help customers understand their options. Choosing Wrekin Products means gaining a partner in infrastructure management.

Making the Right Choice

The right manhole cover choice affects the safety and functionality of high-demand environments. It’s crucial to select a cover which not only meets the requirements of the standards, but exceeds industry standards for strength, durability and reliability. In the case of our F900 Cargo range of manhole covers, we have designed features such as high rigidity cover support structure built for lower seat wear, enlarged frame flange corners to dissipate load onto the foundation and mechanical lifting points - all built-in as standard.

In addition to these features, we also design the frame of Cargo manhole covers to be foundation sympathetic, to maximise installation life. This includes a rounded flange edge, a textured flange and BS 7903 frame gussets.

For detailed information on our Cargo range of F900 load-class manhole covers, visit this link. Our experienced team is prepared to address both new and longstanding civil engineering challenges with innovative, cost-saving solutions. 

In summary, investing in high-quality F900 load-class manhole covers is an investment in the safety and longevity of key civil engineering projects. Trust in us for your infrastructure protection needs; we have the right solutions for you.  

Please reach out to our expert team for more information. We are always ready to offer service and advice that reinforces our industry standing. 

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