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Assurance in extreme environments

Cargo F900 manhole covers

Versatile and purpose-built, Cargo has been expertly designed and tested to the F900 load class, supporting loads up to 90 tonnes – roughly equivalent to six and a half double-decker buses. Cargo offers a practical solution for shipping, aviation and industrial sectors. Featuring a powerful combination of strength, durability, and reliability that exceeds industry standards. Rest assured that with Cargo any critical installation has the best-in-class solution for your demanding environment.

Cargo F900 manhole cover

Ultra strong access covers for extreme environments

Cargo utilises two main beams across its centre, as well as numerous smaller support beams, to reliably distribute extreme loads throughout it's large robust frame and safely into the foundation.

The covers feature numerous safety features that increase safe handling. Safety keyways in the cover prevent lifting keys from becoming dislodged during the lifting procedure. M16 eye bolt points are also provided in the centre of each cover, for a safe mechanical lifting solution. The frame includes mechanical and safety keyway lifting points. All of these features significantly reduce risk to operatives during the handling and installation process.

Cargo offers our proven mortar-sympathetic frame arrangement, employing a textured flange, which utilises the mechanical properties of bedding mortar rather than just the adhesive characteristics. The flange edge is deliberately round profiled, eliminating crack induction in the surrounding bedding materials. This all combines to ensure the longest operational life possible.

With Cargo you get durability and reliability in the most demanding environments. Engineered from strong ductile iron, the offering is tailored for group 6 traffic with constant vehicular activity.


BS EN 124, CD 534 v0.1.0, Kitemark

Engineered for extreme strength:

Square or rectangular manhole covers

Stock code Range Clear opening
Overall frame
Frame depth
Options My Wrekin
DMT0F6/6060/KCA Cargo 610 x 610 815 x 815 150
DMT0F6/6767/KCA Cargo 685 x 685 890 x 890 150

Available options and accessories


Packed full of features

  • The covers feature a universal beam (also known as an I beam) providing significant improvements to rigidity, reducing seat wear for an enhanced service life.

    Universal beam icon
  • Mechanical lifting points are provided.

    Mechanical lifting point
  • The enlarged frame corners help to dissipate loads onto the foundation, providing a longer service life and increased reliability.

    Enlarged frame corners
  • Safety keyway prevents accidental disengagement of the lifting key during the handling process.

    Safety keyway
  • 70+ PSRV tested at top surface of chequer by UKAS accredited 3rd party.

    PSRV tested
  • Keyway lifting points are provided on the frame for safe handling.

    Keyway lifting point in the frame
  • Mechanical lifting points are provided.

    Mechanical lifting point
  • Meets the requirements of CD 534 v0.1.0 (formerly HA 104/09).

    CD534 v0.1.0
  • Indexed corners ensure correct orientation first time, every time.

    Indexed corners
  • Unlike sharp, square-edged frames, rounded edges reduce stress concentrations and minimise crack formation.

    Rounded frame flange
  • Surface texturing above and below the flange enables better mortar engagement, reducing any lateral movement which could result in cracking.

    Textured mortar engagement flange surface
  • Holes in the frame flange where mortar can pass between the underside and top side, creating an interlock, providing greater strength.

    Mortar Apertures icon
  • GritBlocker™ anti-blockage keyway insert comes pre-installed.

    Anti-blockage keyway
Gatwick airport
Ideal for airports, shipping and industrial sectors

Designed for the extreme

Cargo manhole covers are specifically designed to endure the harsh and demanding conditions of high-impact environments. These covers are capable of supporting loads of up to an impressive 90 tonnes and have been tested to meet the F900 load class.

This level of capacity is vital for airports, where constant traffic from planes and service vehicles requires an access cover that can withstand the pressure without flinching. Similarly, docks, container terminals, and specialised industrial complexes can benefit from the resilience of these manhole covers. They provide safety while also preventing costly accidents or disruptions caused by heavy machinery and substantial material handling needs.

Our Cargo series is not just about creating strong covers, but rather about crafting solutions that can endure even the most challenging environments. We are committed to maintaining the safety and integrity of your infrastructure, regardless of the traffic it bears.

Cargo mortar sympathetic frame features
Ease the stresses and strains

Sympathetic to foundations

Cargo's flange surface provides a textured finish for bedding mortar to adhere to. Mortar holes allow for interlocking between both sides. This allows Cargo to utilise the mechanical properties of bedding mortar, not just its adhesive characteristics.

The built-in bevelled frame edge prevents sharp edges from cutting into and breaking mortar away over time, allowing vibrations from heavy and frequent traffic to be minimised and safely transferred into the foundation.

These unique mortar-sympathetic and advanced design features allow Cargo installations to withstand extreme environments.

Cargo's robust beam structure
Universal beam

A strength above the rest

What sets Cargo apart is its high rigidity support beams, based on 'Universal Beam' technology which result in lower seat wear for improved longevity.

Developed using advanced computer modelling and testing, this technology, incorporated in bridge and building construction, offers maximum strength and stiffness, dissipating the effects of forces exerted from high volumes of traffic. It also ensures that wear of cover seating is minimised (where the cover meets the frame), which is a common cause of failure in many rival covers.

This all combines to provide the longest service life possible for the whole structure.

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