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Highway D400 Gully Grates V

The V gully is ideal for use in carriage surface water drainage channels with a 1:5 shaped profile. As a safety-critical product, this design incorporates a spring lock, safety lifting keyway and captive anti-theft hinges.

The Highway Group 4 V gully grates are designed and manufactured to conform to Highways England’s Design Manual for Roads and bridges (DMRB) specification CD 534 v0.1.0 which recently replaced HA104/09.

Highway D400 V gully grate render


  • The enlarged frame corners help to dissipate loads onto the foundation, providing a longer service life and increased reliability.

    Enlarged frame corners
  • Mechanical lifting points are provided.

    Mechanical lifting point

V gully grates

Stock code Range Overall frame
(A x B)
Clear opening
(C x D)
Frame depth
Base opening
(F x G)
Waterway area Datasheet My Wrekin
DGHV0D6/6060/KH Highway 800 mm x 800 mm 600 mm x 600 mm 150 mm 625 mm x 625 mm 1,950 cm²
DGHV0D6/6712/KH Highway 880 mm x 1,405 mm 675 mm x 1,205 mm 150 mm 705 mm x 1,230 mm 4,550 cm²
DGHV0D6/9090/KH Highway 1,100 mm x 1,100 mm 900 mm x 900 mm 150 mm 925 mm x 925 mm 5,100 cm²
DGHV0D8/1267/KH Highway 1,405 mm x 880 mm 1,200 mm x 675 mm 200 mm 1,230 mm x 705 mm 4,550 cm²

Available options and accessories


  • Screw locking
  • Enhanced Anti-slip coating
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