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ID badging and antenna options (RFID, NFC, IoT)

Identifier badges

Unite (references ending "/KUE") and Highway manhole covers provide a location for an identifier bolt to be embedded within the cover.

Common uses for this bolt include badging, such as FW (Foul Water), SW (Storm Water, or branding).

This identifier bolt can be used to display badges in a variety of colour options. The badge itself is set within the surface of the cover, with minimal exposure to traffic and the causes of damage, being protected by a resin coating.

This functionality can also be used for a number of more advanced applications including:

  • Securing antennae and transmitters
  • RFID sensors (LF, HF, UHF, Active and BAP)
Unite ID bolt

Discreet approach

Wrekin Unite manhole cover with an ID badge installed

With access covers being all around us they provide you with a discreet way to record data without the need to introduce additional hardware into an environment.

In addition they can provide a far more accessible method of accessing the device, without the need to work from height, or use specialist equipment.

The Wrekin ID bolt approach can also reduce costs, as the hardware is already in place, so nothing new needs to be installed other than the electronics/comms equipment. 

Communications antennas

Antenna in cover linked to hardware in chamber

Wrekin Unite and Highway access covers are the only ranges on the UK market to include provisions for communications equipment, such as antennas, to be installed within the cover

The ID bolt provision can be used for antennas, allowing communications equipment, such as water meter monitoring, to be installed within a chamber beneath a cover, but provide a strong signal above ground, without the need to dig or adjust the surrounding road surface.

This solution can provide cost savings over finding suitable locations above ground for comms equipment. Or provide a secure location for valuable equipment below ground that is hard to access.

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Manhole cover with communications antenna installed


Asset tracking tags can be used with a variety of different RFID sensors to determine the location of the asset and detect movement such as water or traffic flow via impact as well as water, gas and solid levels; light; environmental conditions such as pressure or moisture and pollution.

Smart cities

RFID, NFC or IoT tags and asset management is critical in the creation of smart cities. Thanks to our retrofittable solution we can help remove the requirement for new enclosures or hardware.

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