My Wrekin


Vault D400 manhole cover 1300mm x 610mm clear opening with 100mm frame depth

Stock code Range Clear opening
Overall frame
Frame depth
Options My Wrekin
DMH0D4/1361/K Vault 1,300 x 610 1,490 x 810 100
  • The enlarged frame corners help to dissipate loads onto the foundation, providing a longer service life and increased reliability.

    Enlarged frame corners
  • Indexed corners ensure correct orientation first time, every time.

    Indexed corners
  • Features an LPCB Level 3 lock, offering an unrivalled level of high security.

    Locked icon
  • Safety keyway prevents accidental disengagement of the lifting key during the handling process.

    Safety keyway
  • Safety-stop hinges prevent covers from falling once opened.

    Safety stop hinges
  • Covers open sequentially, with standard BS7903 lifting keys.

    Sequential cover opening
  • Mechanical lifting points are provided.

    Mechanical lifting point
  • 70+ PSRV tested at top surface of chequer by UKAS accredited 3rd party.

    PSRV tested
  • Secured with a turnbuckle lock.

    Locked icon