Tree root protection system

ProtectaWebWrekin Products ProtectaWeb tree root protection is an established and proven no-dig method of constructing access ways or parking areas in close proximity to nearby trees, without causing them undue stress that would damage or ultimately kill them.

ProtectaWeb is a matrix that contains and confines granular infill. This provides a stable, uncompacted, composite matrix with an enhanced angle of internal friction that significantly reduces the imposed loads on the soil and tree roots beneath. ProtectaWeb’s perforated cell walls gives lateral drainage, thus minimising hydrostatic build up and ensures the maximum supply of water to the tree roots, even when installed on a gradient.

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Benefits of Wrekin ProtectaWeb
A Wrekin ProtectaWeb tree root protection system is an appropriate solution compliant with BS5837 2012 section 7.4.2 Note 1 which fulfils the following objectives:
  • Provides a suitable, stable, running surface for the required road or track
  • A no-dig solution with no mechanical damage to the existing tree roots
  • Significant reduction in the loads transferred from above to the tree roots
  • Prevents harmful compaction of the soils in the root protection area
  • Provides a porous and uncompacted structure that enables the tree’s essential supply of water and oxygen to be maintained
  • Eliminates the risk of a potential fine for causing damage or death to a tree subject to a Tree Protection Order
  • Wrekin can provide a variety of design suggestions for your scheme depending on the in-situ ground conditions and associated loading requirements

ProtectaWeb in use
ProtectaWeb water flow

Web depthSuitable forPack coverageWrekin product code
75mmCycleways, footpaths, bridleways, small vehicle access
100mmCar parks, domestic driveways, vehicle
hard standing
150mmFire tenders, dust carts, vehicles up to 30 tonnes
200mmSite access for construction vehicles, cranes and working platforms
The above table is indicative and site-specific advice should be sought before specifying the depth of Wrekin ProtectaWeb for a project. Please contact our technical sales team for more information.
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    Technical Download

    ProtectaWeb brochure

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    ProtectaWeb brochure

    ProtectaWeb data sheet

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    ProtectaWeb data sheet

    ProtectaWeb installation

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    ProtectaWeb installation
  • Benefits

    • Major cost advantage over other systems
    • Substantial design improvements resulting in improved performance
    • Made with recycled materials and can be recycled at the end of life
    • Large stock levels with immediate delivery to site
    • Lightweight and easy to install