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Rapid set bedding mortar


Unipak is a BBA HAPAS certified rapid-set, high-strength, polyester resin bedding mortar system developed, tested and proven for highway use. It is designed to prevent the most common causes of bedding failure, minimising disruption and inconvenience to road users while improving safety for operatives.

Suitable for all BS EN 124-2 applications, it can be used on its own or with Uniform chamber adjustment units which are made from the same two-part polyester resin material, setting to form a highly durable structure.

Unipak being poured

Unipak avoids many of the problems associated with cement-based mortar and allows rapid road opening, curing in as little as 25 minutes. Simply mix both parts together for a consistent and repeatable result. Removing issues of performance loss due to operator judgement or personal mix preferences.

With a very low slump factor, compared with other mortars, Unipak provide ironwork with support even in an uncured condition. Its low notch sensitivity provides crack resistance, which could be caused by any sharp or angular ironwork or tools.

Unipak's unique colour allows it to be easily identified. Available in three tub sizes (6.5, 12.5 and 25Kg), it is easy to select the right for small surface boxes up to the largest of covers, reducing waste to a minimum.

Comprised of two components (sold separately):

  • Unipak rapid curing resin-based mortar to replace traditional poor-performance cement mortar.
  • Uniform multi-sized adjustment units, replacing ad-hoc packing methods with bricks, wood or other unsuitable materials.


    Unipak materials

    Overcome the common causes of bedding failure with Unipak

    Conventional packing and cement bedding just aren't good enough for the job. Unchanged methods over a hundred years have to change. It's more important than ever to have an emphasis on service life, long-term economies and rapid road opening after work completion to reduce carbon emissions. Unipak provides the solution to these problems and more.

    WRc (Water Research Centre) and Nottingham University research observed that:

    of ironwork failures suffer foundation issues.


    of cases, foundation issues are the sole cause of failure.

    Bedding a Wrekin manhole cover frame in Unipak

    Unipak benefits

    Simple to use

    Easy to mix, manipulate and form. Unipak has low notch sensitivity and high slump resistance.

    Meets and exceeds the standards

    Exceeds CD 534, ideal for BS EN 124 applications (Group 1 to 4), certified for highway use by BBA HAPAS (Highway Authorities Product Approval Scheme).

    BBA HAPAS certificate

    Early road opening

    Unipak cures rapidly, in as little as 25 minutes, reducing inconvenience to road users while minimising operatives' exposure to a potentially hazardous construction environment.

    Easy installation and storage

    Simple to install with conventional tools. Unopened containers can be stored in a cool, dry location, away from extremes of temperature for up to 9 months.

    Uniform adjustment units
    Rapid frame adjusment

    Uniform chamber adjustment units

    Uniform overcomes many of the common issues of alternative packing methods which are often manufactured from wood pulp, resulting in swelling and weakness over time. Additionally, their smooth surfaces mean lateral forces break the mortar bond and angular edges result in the cracking of surrounding brittle foundation materials.

    Uniform chamber adjustment units are manufactured from the same materials as Unipak, ensuring compatibility and longevity. We offer chamber blocks in a 100mm width and two thicknesses (15mm and 25mm), which can be easily cut and fixed using conventional techniques and step wedges (up to 75mm in height, with 5mm increments)

    Both materials interlock with bedding mortar and resist lateral forces with no reliance on friction or mortar adhesion. Manufactured from the same compound as Unipak, they form an integral part of the system. These adjustment units are suitable for BS EN 124 highway applications, groups 1 to 4.


    Stock code Description My Wrekin
    YPCR/U6.5 6.5Kg Unipak® rapid curing polyester resin mortar
    YPCR/U12.5 12.5Kg Unipak® rapid curing polyester resin mortar
    YPCR/U25 25Kg Unipak® rapid curing polyester resin mortar
    PC/UNIFORM/151076 Uniform chamber adjustment unit 760mm x 100mm x 15mm
    PC/UNIFORM/251076 Uniform chamber adjustment unit 760mm x 100mm x 25mm
    PC/UNIWEDGE/755012 Uniform support wedge 120mm x 50mm x 75mm

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