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Tristar D400 Gully Grates

The Tristar ductile iron hinged gully addresses many issues related to cost-effective products. The frame has been designed to suit all existing gully pot styles and will sit over a typical 450mm Ø circular or horseshoe chamber.

This range of D400 Ductile Iron gully grates fully comply with BS EN 124:2015 and carries the British Standard Kitemark.

TriStar D400 gully grate render

Our high-quality and compliant Tristar D400 gully gratings offer a competitive solution for groundworkers and specifiers. Ever popular, the Tristar range is the best-selling ductile ironwork range in the UK. This core range consists of D400 gully gratings, which incorporate a number of performance and safety enhancements. Bearing the BSi Kitemark, Tristar fully complies with BS EN 124:2015.

The Tristar 430x370 gully grating is fully compatible with our Armadillo protector shell that prevents damage to ironwork during the installation phase. This reduces the need for replacements and reduces the entire carbon footprint of installations.

This best-selling range is ideally suited to housing and light commercial developments, where it will provide a long life and reduce any inconvenience often caused to residents and road users. With more than 40 years of experience, we understand what our customers need. Tristar – readily available at merchants across the country. Put simply, it is safe, reliable, efficient and cost-effective – the perfect solution that stands out from the competition.

Tristar icons


Its many benefits include:

  • Full compatibility with industry standard lifting keys.
  • Designed to be light but durable, with carbon savings versus alternatives.
  • 70+ PSRV UKAS accredited high skid resistance on access covers
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Compatiblity* with Wrekin innovations - Armadillo and Unipak
  • A wide range of factory fitted options, including locking, badging and safety grilles
  • BSI Kitemarked, BS EN 124, CD 526, CD 534 (excluding DGH0D4/3633/KT)


Stock code Range Clear opening
Base opening
Overall frame
Frame depth
Waterway area
Options My Wrekin
DGH0D4/3633/KT Tristar 360 x 335 380 x 355 505 x 425 100 750
DGH0D4/4337/KT Tristar 430 x 370 455 x 390 580 x 465 100 1,050
DGH0D6/4337/KT Tristar 430 x 370 450 x 390 575 x 465 150 1,050
DGH0D3/4545/KT Tristar 430 x 430 450 x 450 575 x 520 75 1,250
DGH0D4/4545/KT Tristar 430 x 430 450 x 450 575 x 520 100 1,250
DGH0D6/4545/KT Tristar 430 x 430 450 x 450 575 x 520 150 1,250

Available options and accessories


  • Screw locking


  • Captive hinges reduce theft risk whilst allowing easy lifting.

    Captive hinges
Tristar 430x370 gullly grate over a 450 dia horseshoe gully pot
Achieve savings with the Tristar 430x370 gully grate

Compatible with circular and horseshoe gully chambers

The Tristar D400 430x370 gully gratings optimised footprint offers full compatibility with typical 450mm Ø circular or horseshoe chambers. This provides a cost-effective solution over installing 450x450mm gully grates. In addition, it removes the need to hold multiple sizes of D400 gully grating in stock.

Fully compliant to BS EN 124:2015 and Kitemarked by BSI, it features captive hinges that reduce theft risk while allowing easy lifting for maintenance.

The Sea Starts Here campaign graphic
Promoting responsibility with Britain's waterways

The Sea Starts Here

We're promoting awareness of a simple but important issue on our most popular Tristar D400 gully gratings. Did you know that waste disposed of down gullies, whether at a roadside or pedestrianised area, can end up in the watercourse. This includes rivers, brooks, becks, ditches, leats and culverts. Ultimately, it has the potential to reach the sea, meaning the sea often really does start here.

In collaboration with a long-standing house building client, we've taken the notable step to include "The Sea Starts Here" as a message on our highest selling Tristar gully gratings. The message serves as a poignant reminder that our actions on land reverberate to our oceans.

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