Unite™ Gully Grating

D400 Hinged Double Tri Group 3

Wrekin’s first premium D400 Gully joins the ultra-durable Unite™ ironwork range. Combining new patented technology with proven patented features, Unite™ Gully delivers super long-life and therefore the lowest whole-life cost of any D400 gully grate.

With a patented 3 way hinge design, the Unite™ Gully can be installed in any orientation. The lower secondary grid ensures pedestrian and cycle safety whilst disrupting surface water flow to maximise the volume evacuated. A patented three-way hinge design enables Unite™ Gully to be installed in any orientation and optional safety stays resist uncontrolled closing.

The Unite™ Gully exceeds both BS EN 124:2015 and CD 534 (Formerly HA104/09) requirements, making it the right choice for any installation.

Key features:

D400 For use in a Group 3 Class D400 carriageway environment
Fully compliant with BS EN 124:2015
kitemark Third party certified by BSI
Complies with DMRB (Design Manual for Road & Bridges, CD534)
Complies with MCHW (Manual for Contract Highway Works, Series 500)
HA104-09 Complies with Highways England specification HA 104/09
support symbol Cover support geometry reduces movement relative to the frame
framegrip symbol Under frame grip – engages with bedding mortar reducing lateral shift
enlarged flange Enlarged frame corners help to dissipate the load
ant-flex beam Antiflex cover – reduces cover wear
non-rock Non rock – three point suspension for non rock stability
keyway Safety keyway – ensures key’s secure in keyway when lifting
ductile iron Manufactured from strong and highly durable ductile iron
Grating detail on frame, creates a lighter lift
3 flange gully grate Three flanges – for placement against kerb edge
reversible hinge symbol Reversible hinge – Allows correct configuration for traffic flow
Hinged in 3 directions – product can fit in any required orientation
Safety-stop hinges prevents covers falling once open
Beam in beam design
Deep perimeter beams to prevent dishing
Mechanical lifting points
Patented mortar stress-arresting frame edge
Provides mechanical anchorage between mortar and frame
waterway symbol Waterway area – 1440cm²


Unite™ Gully Sizes and Availability:

opening size
(C x D mm)
opening size
(F x G mm)
Frame depth
(E mm)
Over frame size
(A x B mm)
Waterway (cm²)
DGHT04/4545/KU 450 x 450 475 x 475 100 670 x 580 1440
DGHT06/4545/KU 450 x 450 480 x 480 150 670 x 585 1440
    • Available Options:

      • Locking
      • Retaining pins

      Datasheet download:

      D400 Unite Gully Grate 450x450 (100&150)

      3MB | Version 8 | PDF format

    • Dimensions: