UNITE D400 manhole covers

D400 manhole covers

Ductile iron D400 HA104/09 access covers

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Simply the best D400 access cover range available in the market. Full of patented design features that combine together to give Unite the longest life and therefore lowest whole life cost of any D400 access cover. Exceeds both BS EN 124:2015 and HA 104/09 requirements.

Key features

D400 For use in a Group 4 Class D400 carriageway environment
kitemark All fully comply with BS EN 124:2015 and are Kitemarked by BSI
HA104-09 Complies fully with UK Highways Authority specification HA 104/09 with enlarged frame flanges and corners and the inclusion of lifting points
keyway A patented safety keyway prevents accidental disengagement during the lifting operation. Also compatible with standard D400 lifting keys.
non-rock Three point suspension on covers for non-rock stability
ductile iron Manufactured from strong and highly durable ductile iron
enlarged flange Patented frame design with enlarged frame corners that help dissipate load
framegrip symbol Patented “Framegrip” mortar gripping system built into the underside of the frame that improves the bedding mortar grip to the frame, reducing lateral shift and mortar breakdown
ant-flex beam “Anti-flex” beams increase cover stiffness thereby helping to eliminate at source the main cause of cover seating wear and therefore excessive noise and ultimately catastrophic failure
support symbol Specially designed cover support geometry reduces movement relative to the frame and therefore seating wear
no-crack-symbol Specially designed frame flanges – help limit bedding mortar crack propagation

Sizes and availability

Wrekin product code Clear opening size (mm) Frame depth (mm) Over frame size (mm)
DMT0D4/6060/KU 600 x 600 100 810 x 810
DMT0D6/6060/KU 600 x 600 150 810 x 810
DMT0D4/6767/KU 675 x 675 100 890 x 890
DMT0D6/6767/KU 675 x 675 150 890 x 890
DMT0D6/1267/KU 1200 x 675 150 1480 x 915
DMT0D6/1867/KU 1830 x 675 150 2075 x 920
DMT0D6/6060/KUULL 600 x 600 150 875 x 875
DMT0D6/6767/KUULL 675 x 675 150 933 x 933

Available options:
SW or FW integrally badged (other badging available on request).
Ventilation holes, locked covers, safety grilles, sealing plate, Unite+ LowLeak, Anti-slip Coating (60+ PSRV).

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Unite cover range

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Wrekin Unite cover range