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Highway® E600 manhole covers

Designed and manufactured to meet the enhanced requirements of Highways England’s CD 534 v0.1.0 (formerly HA 104/09) specification. The Kitemarked Highway E600 range of manhole covers exceeds BS EN 124:2015 requirements and includes safety and specific design features required by Highways England.

Highway E600 Manhole Cover


  • 70+PSRV tested at top surface of chequer by UKAS accredited 3rd party.

    PSRV tested
  • The enlarged frame corners help to dissipate loads onto the foundation, providing a longer service life and increased reliability.

    Enlarged frame corners
  • Indexed corners ensure correct orientation first time, every time.

    Indexed corners
  • Mechanical lifting points are provided.

    Mechanical lifting point
  • Can be retrofitted with a customer or application specific ID badge.

    Retrofittable badge
  • Safety keyway prevents accidental disengagement of the lifting key during the handling process.

    Safety keyway


Manhole covers - Square

Stock code Range Overall frame
(A x B)
Clear opening
(C x D)
Frame depth
Base opening
(F x G)
Datasheet My Wrekin
DMT0E4/6060/KH Highway 845 mm x 845 mm 610 mm x 610 mm 100 mm 635 mm x 635 mm
DMT0E4/6767/KH Highway 900 mm x 900 mm 685 mm x 685 mm 100 mm 710 mm x 710 mm
DMT0E6/6060/KH Highway 845 mm x 845 mm 610 mm x 610 mm 150 mm 635 mm x 635 mm
DMT0E6/6767/KH Highway 900 mm x 900 mm 685 mm x 685 mm 150 mm 710 mm x 710 mm
DMT0E6/1267/KH Highway 1,460 mm x 895 mm 1,220 mm x 675 mm 150 mm 1,245 mm x 700 mm

Available options and accessories


  • Locked
  • Badged (‘SW’, ‘FW’ etc.)
  • Ventilation holes
  • Flood and odour control plate
  • Safety grille
  • Enhanced anti-slip coating