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Unite™ D400 manhole covers

Simply the best D400 access cover range available in the market. Packed full of design features that combine to give Unite the longest life and lowest whole life cost of any D400 access cover available. Designed and manufactured to exceed BS EN 124 and Highways England’s Design Manual for Roads and bridges (DMRB) specification CD 534 (formerly HA 104/09).

Unite D400

Over the course of 40 years we have a deep understanding of pavement and highway ironwork performance. Using the very latest tools and software, the Unite range of manhole covers have been engineered for extremely long life.

Key to Unite’s longevity is minimising seat wear between covers and frames. The range has the stiffest cover structure in its class and on top of this, seating which is less vulnerable to any movement caused by cover flexing which may take place.

Unite has been designed to work sympathetically with bedding mortars, reducing stresses on the frame foundation, which has been identified by WRC as a major cause of manhole cover failure.

BS EN 124, CD 534, Kitemark

Engineered for an exceptionally long life:

  • In service on highways for over 20 years
  • Over 500,000 installations with zero reported failures
  • Unique cover design substantially reduces seat wear
  • Frame features that are sympathetic to bedding materials
  • Exceeds BS EN 124-2:2015
  • Complies with DMRB, CD 534 (formerly HA 104/09) and Series 500
  • Kitemarked by BSI 100% recyclable product

Internal accessory receiver

Unite incorporates an internal skirt with a sealing face to mate with different specifications of seal plate, depending on the application requirements.

Mortar ‘gripper’ system

Unite’s ‘tread’ feature was developed in response to site observations, which often found mortar had failed to adhere to ironwork. The tread feature and accompanying mortar holes have proven more effective in interlocking with the bedding material than flat underside flange faces of other products.

Large cover seating area

To further increase asset life, resistance to wear has been increased by providing a large interface between covers and frame.

Locking bolt provision

In order to provide controlled access, manhole covers and gully gratings can be supplied with robust factory-fitted screw fasteners. A specifically formed recess is provided for this purpose


  • 60+PSRV tested at top surface of chequer by UKAS accredited 3rd party.

    PSRV tested
  • GritBlocker™ anti-blockage keyway insert comes pre-installed.

    Anti-blockage keyway
  • Anti-flex covers prevent the causes of cover seating wear, eliminating excessive noise and catastrophic failure.

    Anti-flex cover
  • Specially designed cover support geometry reduces movement relative to the frame, minimising seating wear.

    Cover support geometry
  • Enlarged frame corners help to dissipate, load minimising bearing pressure.

    Enlarged frame corners
  • Mechanical lifting points are provided.

    Mechanical lifting point
  • Safety keyway prevents accidental disengagement of the lifting key during the handling process.

    Safety keyway
  • Textured mortar engagement flange improves the bedding mortar grip to the frame, reducing lateral shift and mortar breakdown.

    Textured mortar engagement flange surface


Manhole covers - Square

Stock code Range Overall frame
(A x B)
Clear opening
(C x D)
Frame depth
Base opening
(F x G)
Datasheet My Wrekin
DMT0D4/6060/KU Unite 810 mm x 810 mm 600 mm x 600 mm 110 mm 630 mm x 630 mm
DMT0D4/6767/KU Unite 885 mm x 885 mm 675 mm x 675 mm 110 mm 705 mm x 705 mm
DMT0D6/6767/KU Unite 885 mm x 885 mm 675 mm x 675 mm 150 mm 705 mm x 705 mm
DMT0D6/1267/KU Unite 1,465 mm x 920 mm 1,220 mm x 675 mm 150 mm 1,250 mm x 710 mm
DMT0D6/1867/KU Unite 2,075 mm x 920 mm 1,830 mm x 675 mm 150 mm 1,860 mm x 710 mm
DMT0D6/6060/KUE Unite 820 mm x 820 mm 600 mm x 600 mm 150 mm 655 mm x 655 mm

Available options and accessories


  • Safety Grille
  • Locking
  • Enhanced Anti Slip Coating (60+ PSRV)
  • Ventilation Holes
  • Alternative Badging
  • Factory fitted flood & odour control plate
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Junction 9 improvements for the M27

Wrekin secured the exciting opportunity to supply Unite manhole covers and ironwork installation systems to the county’s most significant infrastructure project in recent history. Hampshire County Council and Highways England have committed to funding a £23m infrastructure project, which will improve the M27 and benefit motorists for years to come.

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MJ Church
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Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council is responsible for maintaining and improving Dudley’s roads and highways, which consists of a network of some 600 miles of both major and minor roads. Wrekin's Unite range and UniPak mortar were used in the improvement of the quality of roads around the Dudley area.

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Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council
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