Highway® HaloHinge™

D400 Manhole Covers - Group 4

Wrekin’s D400 Highway® HaloHinge™ is designed and manufactured to meet the enhanced requirements of Highways England’s CD 534 specification (Formerly HA 104/09) for group 4 applications. Group 4 locations are those which sustain distributed loads afforded by pneumatic tyres at velocities up to national speed limits. The Highway range of access covers and gully grates exceed BS EN 124:2015 requirements and include patented safety and specific design features required by Highways England.


Hinged opperation of the Highway cover is simple with HaloHinge™ technology

To hinge simply insert lifting keys into the numbered, labeled safety keyways and pull each lid back to 100 degrees.

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Key features:

D400 For use in a Group 4 Class D400 carriageway environment
BD EN 124 Exceeds BS EN 124:2015 requirements
kitemark Third party certified by BSI
Complies with DMRB (Design Manual for Road & Bridges, CD534)
Complies with MCHW (Manual for Contract Highway Works, Series 500)
enlarged flange Patented frame design with enlarged frame corners that help dissipate load
HA104-09 Exceeds Highways England’s HA 104/09 requirements
keyway A patented safety keyway prevents accidental disengagement during the lifting operation. Also compatible with standard D400 lifting keys.
non-rock Three point suspension on covers for non-rock stability
indexed covers Indexed covers ensure correct fitting
ductile iron Manufactured from strong and highly durable ductile iron
Mechanical lifting points
Safety-stop hinges
Sequential opening
Concealed hinges prevents debris and damage from trafficking
Inboard hinges creates more stability
60+PSRV tested at top surface of chequer by UKAS accredited 3rd party

Sizes and availability

Wrekin product code Clear opening size (mm) Frame depth (mm) Overall frame size (mm)
DMHT0D4/6045/KH 600 x 450 100 810 x 660
DMHT0D4/6060/KH 600 x 600 100 815 x 815
DMHT0D6/6060/KH 600 x 600 150 815 x 815
DMHT0D4/6767/KH 675 x 675 100 890 x 890
DMHT0D6/6767/KH 675 x 675 150 890 x 890
DMHT0D4/7560/KH 750 x 600 100 960 x 810
DMHT0D4/7575/KH 750 x 750 100 960 x 960
DMHT0D4/9060/KH 900 x 600 100 1110 x 810
DMHT0D6/9060/KH 900 x 600 150 1110 x 810

Note: The use of road plates is recommended where exposure to construction site traffic is likely.

Available options:

  • Locked
  • Badged (‘SW’, ‘FW’ etc.)
  • Ventilation holes
  • Flood and odour control plate
  • Safety grille
  • Enhanced anti-slip coating

Available Accessories:

  • GritBlocker™ anti-blockage keyway insert
  • ScrewLift™ frame levelling system
  • BS 7903 Lifting Keys

Data sheet download:

Highway® HaloHinge™ D400 Manhole Cover Range

2.2 MB | Version V11 | PDF format