Access covers and grates overview

Wrekin is a British company and one of the UK’s leading suppliers of ductile iron access covers and gully grates. Our 30 years of technical expertise and leadership have allowed us to develop a range of unique, innovative and patented products that give the specifier and contractor significant benefits.

Access covers and gully grates can be safety critical. In certain circumstances failure or misuse could lead to injury or loss of life. With this in mind, Wrekin has developed products that incorporate features that help eliminate these failure mechanisms thus minimising safety issues and optimising installed life cost. As well as optimising frame stiffness and rib positioning and design Wrekin has developed additional unique features and benefits:

ant-flex beam Anti-flex© beams – helps to eliminate at source one of the main causes of cover seating wear and therefore excessive noise and ultimately catastrophic failure.

framegrip symbol FrameGrip© – a mortar gripping system built into the underside of the frame that improves the bedding mortar grip to the frame reducing lateral shift and mortar breakdown.

gully grate linkage Gully grate articulated cover linkage – a unique and patented articulated coupling links two double triangular units allowing the benefits of three-point suspension together with the advantages of single unit opening. This is then combined with captive hinges which reduce theft risk and eliminate the risk of opening in opposition to traffic flow.

support symbol Specially designed cover support geometry
– reduces movement relative to the frame and therefore seating wear.

no crack propagation Specially designed frame flanges
– help limit bedding mortar crack propagation.

keyway symbol Anti-slip safety keyway



Ductile performance

ductile iron symbol Wrekin manufactures its high-performance range of products from Ductile Iron. This is a unique form of iron which has been treated before the casting process to produce an exceptionally strong and durable material with high impact resistance. It has a much superior strength to weight ratio than traditional grey cast iron.

This combination of properties allows Wrekin to design and produce our innovative features and make significant weight savings that could not be achieved with less sophisticated materials.

The Wrekin Range

Comprehensive advantage

Wrekin manufactures a full range of other BS EN 124:2015 (and other British Standards where appropriate) access covers, gully grates, surface boxes and PPIC covers as well as other access and drainage solutions. They incorporate many design innovations and advantages, and these are detailed in the range specific sections on the following pages.

Quality Assurance

The Kitemark

kitemark symbolBSI kitemark As well as manufacturing its products under BS EN ISO 9000 quality systems Wrekin’s high performance access covers and gully grates are also independently tested and certified by the British Standards Institute and are thus able to carry the ‘Kitemark’ symbol. This third-party certification is independent assurance that the product is manufactured and tested in accordance with the BS EN 124:2015. A specifier or end user of an access cover or gully grate will wish to ensure as a minimum that all products used carry this symbol.


Surface Oxidation on Iron Castings

BS EN124-2 products are usually supplied coated. This coating is for initial aesthetic purposes only. It is not intended to function as a protection to the product’s parent cast ferrous material which is itself inherently corrosion resistant to normal UK climatic conditions and contaminants.

Over time when exposed to the atmosphere or the effects or trafficking, the coating will break down and light discoloration due to iron oxide deposits may become visible.

This has ­­­no impact on the performance of the casting or its compliance with BS EN 124-2 and will soon disappear when in operation.

How access covers are measured

manhole dimensionsAccess cover dimensions are always referred to by their ‘clear opening size’ and sometimes also by their frame depth.

The clear opening is the inside frame dimensions and these should normally be marked on the cover. If these are missing or have become illegible over time then it will be necessary to remove the cover and physically measure these dimensions.

The clear opening size of the access cover frame must always be equal to or greater than the size of the chamber it is covering to ensure the frame is adequately supported.

Installation guidance

New build and replacement installation