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Geosynthetic being installed on construction site

How ProtectaWeb tree root protection system works

Tree root protection system

ProtectaWeb is a proven no-dig method of enabling the creation of access ways or parking areas close to nearby trees. The unique composition and strength of ProtectaWeb ensures this can be done without compacting the soil, which can cause irreparable harm to the tree’s life support system.Legislation is in place to ensure the construction industry preserves trees where appropriate.

ProtectaWeb provides a matrix that contains and confines granular infill materials. This provides a stable, uncompacted, composite matrix with an enhanced angle of internal friction, significantly reducing the loads imposed on soils and tree roots beneath.

The perforated cell walls provide lateral drainage, minimising hydrostatic build up while ensuring the maximum supply of water to tree roots, even when installed on a gradient.

Lack of tree root protection leads to

  1. Rutting and compaction of soil
  2. Physical root damage from wheels
  3. Restricted oxygen and water channels to root system
  4. Roots exposed to contamination from vehicle leaks of oil, petrol and diesel
  5. Root dieback
  6. Overall decline of tree

What does ProtectaWeb provide

Declining vs healthy tree
  1. Provides even distribution of traffic weight
  2. Guards against root damage from digging out
  3. Ensures unrestricted passageways for oxygen and water to roots
  4. Protects roots from contamination by nonwoven geotextile
  5. Reduced compaction of sub-soils
  6. Keeps tree healthy

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