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Protection and reinforcement

Geocells & Geocellular paving

Geocells provide cellular confinement for a range of projects, including car parks, slope reinforcement and the essential need to protect tree roots. They offer an ideal solution for erosion control on embankments and slopes, even steep ones, reducing the amount of materials needed to create stability and protection.

Geocellular paving is virtually invisible from the surface, but provides enhanced strength and durability. It can be infilled with soil to promote grass growth or gravel to create car parks, decorative driveways and paths.

ProtectaWeb geocells
Geoworks pattern
Introducing the new name in geosynthetics

Geoworks - Geosynthetics by Wrekin

Geoworks is our new name for Wrekin Geosynthetics. Geoworks encompasses our entire geosynthetics range, including geotextiles, geogrids, geomembranes, geomats, geocells, and geocellular paving.

In fact, Geoworks' full product catalogue is far more comprehensive than many others on the market, making Geoworks a true one-stop shop. With Geoworks, you can expect the same high-quality service you are familiar with through Wrekin.

ProtectaWeb installation at botanical gardens
Looking for tree root protection?

ProtectaWeb prevents damage to tree roots

Whether you're building pathways, roads, car parks or lorry parks, ProtectaWeb provides reliable tree root protection in all types of soil, without any digging required.

The system is simply placed on the existing ground, filled and finished with a porous surface. The cells are filled with a clean angular stone which allows drainage and aeration through the cells. Perforated cell walls provide drainage, minimising hydrostatic build up while ensuring the maximum supply of water to the tree roots, even when installed on a gradient.

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Supporting the Scottish National Gallery Revamp

The Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh has been home to a hugely prestigious, multi-million-pound transformation project, Wrekin provided solutions to provide top soil erosion control.

AHF Construction Management
AHF Construction Management
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Colchester Cemetery and Crematorium

When Colchester Cemetery and Crematorium needed to increase the space visitors had to park their cars, its options were limited. The only potential area it identified was within a copse of established oak and maple trees. The use of ProtectaWeb™ for this project enabled it to go ahead with minimal tree felling and maximum land use.

Colchester Borough Council
Colchester Borough Council
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