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Erosion control mesh


Erosion control on banks and slopes is a common problem faced by many contractors and engineers. Erosion control matting is used as a lightweight solution to help establish healthy vegetation for permanent erosion protection on banks and slopes.

Our Trinter erosion control mesh is a volumetric geomat made from Polypropylene and High Density Polyethylene and is designed to control erosion. Protection is guaranteed from the moment of installation.

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Trinter aids seed germination and facilitates the growth of vegetation by encouraging root networks to interlace with the mesh, thereby stabilising the upper layer and allowing a deeper network to develop over time. Easy to install, and highly resistant to degradation, Trinter can be used on all types of sloping ground. Predicted to be durable for a minimum of 25 years in natural soils with pH 4-9 and soil temperatures < 25°C.


  • Superior soil retention capability
  • High quality, strong and durable
  • Rot proof and lightweight
  • Simple to adapt to most slopes
  • Easy to install
  • Cost effective


  • Roads and motorways
  • Railways
  • River banks and channels
  • Irrigation canals
  • Reservoir embankments
  • Grassed spillways
  • Culvert inlets and outfalls
  • Golf courses and lawns


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Trinter Trinter Erosion Control Mesh