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Installing your geotextile and geogrid separately can be a time-consuming task. Switching to a geocomposite can cut your installation costs by up to 50%. Use our calculator to find out the labour time and cost savings for your business.

Geocomposite being installed by two people

Time to lay savings calculator

Installing a geocomposite instead of a separate geogrid and geotextile can reduce your installation costs by up to 50%. 

Use the calculator to find out the labour time and cost savings available for your business.

SX Composite Geogrid installation
Combined geogrid and geotextile

Have you considered SX Composite?

Achieve time savings when acquiring materials and overall quicker installations, thanks to SX Composite, a all-in-one solution that performs as both a biaxial geogrid and a geotextile. SX Composite consists of nonwoven geotextile thermally bonded to our popular SX range of geogrid. It provides the functions of reinforcement, separation and filtration into one single product, rather than having to use two separate solutions, which offers significant savings.

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