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MultiTrack and Fastrack installation guide


The following information is offered in good faith to assist end users with the installation of MultiTrack and FasTrack geotextiles. As installation damage is one of the key factors that will affect the integrity of the installed product, it is recommended that the following guidelines be adhered to as closely as possible.

Storage advice

The product should be stacked safely in a secure location until ready for use. The protective packing should not be removed until the product is required for use. For goods delivered with no outer packing, a layer of the product should be unwound and disposed of. Should the product be left uncovered during installation then temporary exposure should not exceed 7 days.

Subgrade preparation

It is possible to lay the geotextile directly on undisturbed vegetation (e.g. grasses and reeds) should levels so permit. Any plant vegetation such as bushes or shrubs, as well as large rocks or other similar obstacles, must first be removed. All voids, wheel ruts or other deep depressions must be either filled or levelled to provide a smooth surface.

Product installation

The geotextile should be rolled out and allowed to follow the contours of the land. It should be kept as taut as possible in an effort to minimise folds but not stretched so that it spans over any hollows. Small deposits of fill material may be required across the geotextile to temporarily hold it in place until fill placement commences, if, for example, it is windy or the site is exposed. Fill may then be back tipped onto the geotextile and then spread out and compacted to the required depths. NO vehicle should traffic directly on the geotextile surface at any time.

In some instances, it may be necessary to install geotextile in a hydraulic application and as polypropylene has a density of less than 1, it will float. However, there are a number of measures that can be taken to enable installation in water, such as attaching steel rebar to make the product sink. In certain applications, the use of divers may be required or it may be possible to work within the tidal window. Further details may be obtained from our office.

Product continuity

The simplest and quickest method of ensuring product continuity is to overlap adjacent layers. Rolls placed side by side should have a minimum overlap of 300mm whilst length on length should have a minimum overlap of 600mm. Over soft or uneven soils these overlaps may require to be increased.

Should special circumstances identify a need for a mechanical joint then this can be achieved by a number of methods such as sewing, stapling or bonding. If required, further details may be obtained from our office.

Cutting to length

Product may be cut to length using either a sharp blade or scissors.

Cutting to width

Should the geotextile width have to be reduced then the product may be cut down whilst still in a rolled format. Nonwoven products may be cut with a hand or power saw whilst woven products may be cut using a circular stone cutting saw. This latter method may melt the roll end a little, making the product slightly more difficult to unwind.

Placement of cover fill

Fill material should be end tipped at either the edge of the geotextile or on top of already placed fill before being spread to the required depth using a tracked machine. A minimum fill layer thickness over the geotextile of 150mm is recommended prior to any trafficking or compaction.

Fill restrictions

The choice of fill placed directly on the surface of the geotextile can greatly affect the amount of damage caused to it during installation. A simple piece of guidance to help minimise this damage is to use a maximum stone size no greater than half the fill layer thickness e.g. if fill is being placed and compacted in 150mm layers then the maximum stone size should be no greater than 75mm.

This minimises the chance of any stone in direct contact with the compactor coming into contact with a stone on the geotextile. Another option is to place a 50mm thick sacrificial sand blanket on the geotextile prior to main fill placement.

Installation damage

Should the geotextile be damaged during fill placement then the surrounding fill material should be removed and a second geotextile layer placed over the damaged area. A minimum overlap of 1000mm should be provided in all directions beyond the damaged area. Fill placement should then continue as before.

Disposal of waste

Products A small quantity of waste is generated with each roll of geotextile product used. This can include packing, a plastic or cardboard roll centre and possibly product offcuts. We would ask that you please give consideration to the environment when disposing of this material

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