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Newhall Road distribution centre under construction

£2.5M logistics project propped up with Wrekin geosynthetics

  • Alto Construct

  • Newhall Road, Sheffield

  • 12,000 m2

  • SX Grid

After surveys revealed ground that was too soft to build on, Alto Construct needed to call upon our geosynthetics expertise to recommend the right products to complete the £2.5 million Newhall Road Distribution Centre.

Alto Construct was appointed as the groundworks contractor on the 12,000 square metre speculative warehouse and distribution centre in Sheffield. The contractor’s role included responsibility for the construction of all foundations and earthworks, as well as the construction of a ground floor reinforced concrete slab.

However, once it was discovered that part of the ground was too soft for the intended works, we were brought on board to reinforce the 12,000 square metre area with our high quality premium geosynthetics – SX3030 Geogrid and Fastrack 609 geotextile.

Andrew Peacock, contracts director at Alto Construct, said: “We’ve worked with Wrekin a number of times before and knew that the team would reliably fix our problem with minimal fuss. We had the materials and manpower ready to progress this project, so smoothing over this speedbump quickly was important for us. We were confident it was something Wrekin could help with quickly while not having to take any shortcuts – and we were proven correct.

Newhall Road distribution centre

We were confident it was something Wrekin could help with quickly while not having to take any shortcuts – and we were proven correct.

Andrew Peacock

Alto Construct

Newhall road distribution centre

When asked why we were chosen to help, Alto described our speedy and smooth installation time as the premier factor. The short amount of time taken between designing the right solution and getting it into the ground, so that work could continue quickly, was appreciated by the project team and client. “Additionally, Wrekin was able to offer us warranties on all of the products used, which was a huge incentive and reassurance. Ultimately, Wrekin was a great help in not just solving an issue but doing it quickly enough so that it was like it never happened.”

Shahid Raza, engineering manager at Wrekin Products, said: “Working with Alto Construction is always a pleasure and I’m pleased we were the ones they called upon when they were in a bind Newhall Road Distribution Centre is an impressive project and so we’re pleased to have made our mark.”

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