My Wrekin

Bespoke steel access covers

Multiple solid top

Our multiple solid top covers and frame can be manufactured to suit almost any chamber clear opening. Covers and frames are constructed from heavy gauge rolled steel plate and section and galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 after fabrication. See below for available wheel loadings and cover options. Please consult our steel technical department for specific requirements.

Multiple solid top installation


  • Manufactured from mild steel
  • Hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461

Galvanising options

  • 70 Micron (Standard)
  • 100 Micron
  • 140 Micron

Available options

  • Lock & Lift
  • 4 Screw Locking per lid
  • Safety Grids - See table
  • Peephole
  • Ventilated
  • Badged
  • Plain seated (unsealed)
  • Single Seal
  • Double Seal
  • Enhanced Anti-Slip Coatings
Starter codes Frame depth (mm)
C21 40mm
C24 75mm
C25 10mm


Loading table
Traffic Wrekin loading code Slow Moving Wheel Load
Internal and external areas which can only be used by pedestrians or cycles e.g. toilets, changing rooms, footpaths and cycle tracks K 0.5
Very light industrial areas, where small trolleys and private cars/small vans can manoeuvre eg domestic driveways, trolley parks, hospital wards L 1.5
Light industrial areas, where trolleys and light pallet trucks operate M 2.5
Pneumatic tyres: Pedestrian precincts, light commercial delivery or parking areas
Solid tyres: Factories, industrial plants, where small pallet trucks operate
N 5.0
Pneumatic tyres: Factories, industrial plants, commercial delivery or parking areas
Solid tyres: Industrial areas where pallet and small fork-lift tucks operate
P 6.5
Pneumatic tyres: Heavy duty plant areas and service roads where HGVs can reach speeds of 20 mph max
Solid tyres: Heavy duty industrial areas where medium duty fork-lift trucks operate
X 11.5
Fall protection options
Hinged ladder safety grid FP1
Hinged walk on safety grid FP2
Split hinged pump access grid FP3
Split hinged pump access walk on grid FP4
Drop-in bar grid FP5
Drop-in walk on grid FP6
Orientation of fall protection systems need to be confirmed by client
Locking bolt and lifting key details Standard keyway fixing type Standard keyway
Stock code
Threaded lifting eyes fixing type Threaded lifting eyes
Stock code
Locking screw M8 socket cap   M8 slotted countersunk screw  
Unlocking key 6mm hexagon key   Flathead screwdriver  
Lifting key Heavy duty key KEYSHEAVY M10 threaded lifting key KEYS/M10


Diagram key
AxB - Overall Frame Size CxD - Over Top of Frame FxG - Clear Opening E - Frame Depth