• Butyl Rubber

    Wrekin’s butyl lining is a synthetic rubber membrane with exceptional physical properties making it the ideal choice for lining ponds, lakes, lagoons and streams.  Our technical team can advise on product selection appropriate to the application and full installation method statements. We can supply the suitable tapes for lapped and taped jointed situations or we […]

  • Geomembrane


    HDPE Geomembranes are the most commonly specified liners in the construction industry.

  • Geomembrane


    More flexible than its HDPE alternative, LLDPE material provides greater elongation and maluablility making the LLDPE geomembrane easier to work with particularly when forming around corners or obscure angles.

  • Geomembrane


    We supply a range of Impermeable Geomembranes for use as fluid or containment barriers. We have a comprehensive range of lining materials.

  • GT membrane

    GT Membrane 500

    Wrekin offer a range of impermeable liners for wrapping modular water storage units/blocks, creating a watertight barrier to prevent storm water from filtering and saturating the surrounding ground.